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Welcome Aboard!

During 2020 we have all experienced many changes. One hugely positive change for the Smith Lab has been the addition of new members to our ever developing team.

On the student front, we saw our first honours student Grace Chensee complete their thesis with flying colours, earning a First Class Distinction. We also welcomed Ben Lawrence, a PhD student, studying the androgen production pathway in transgenic mice, working under the tutelage of both Prof Lee Smith and Dr Diane Rebourcet.

Adding to our strong cohort of academic staff, Dr Liza O’Donnell has joined us, contributing to the team a depth of knowledge in male endocrinology.

Building our professional staff team we welcomed Dr Joanna Kelso as our Lab Manager. As well as, Sarah Smith and Shanu Parameswaran, another two highly valued and skilled Research Assistants.

To learn more about our new team members and the specialised qualities they offer the Smith Lab, find out more in their personal profiles here.

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Studying the genetics and endocrinology supporting life-long men's health 

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