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New proudly published papers

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Our group has published an exciting number of new papers in the last 12 months. From the development of innovative techniques to the characterisation of functional pathways, the Smith Lab continues to make strides in the field of endocrinology. Follow the links below to discover more about what we have been up to!

The following paper has also gained some media interest, read all about it here.

"Sperm proteins and cancer-testis-antigens are released by the seminiferous tubules in mice and men" 2021, O'Donnell & Rebourcet et al.

"Ablation of the canonical testosterone production pathway via knockout of the steroidogenic enzyme HSD17B3, reveals a novel mechanism of testicular testosterone production" 2020, Rebourcet et al.

"Androgen Receptor Is Dispensable for X-Zone Regression in the Female Adrenal but Regulates Post-Partum Corticosterone Levels and Protects Cortex Integrity" 2020, Gannon et al.

"A comparison of in vivo viral targeting systems identifies adeno-associated virus serotype 9 (AAV9) as an effective vector for genetic manipulation of Leydig cells in adult mice" 2020, Darbey et al.

"Characterisation of a mural cell network in the murine pituitary gland" 2020, O'Hara et al.


In collaboration our team has contributed to the research efforts of these recent publications.

To learn more follow the links below:

"Reconstitution of rat fetal testis during the masculinisation programming window induces focal dysgenesis consistent with testicular dysgenesis syndrome" 2020, Smart et al.

"Fertility Preservation in Childhood Cancer: Endocrine Activity in Prepubertal Human Testis Xenografts Exposed to a Pubertal Hormone Environment" 2020, Hutka et al.

"Exogenous Gonadotrophin Stimulation Induces Partial Maturation of Human Sertoli Cells in a Testicular Xenotransplantation Model for Fertility Preservation" 2020, Hutka et al.

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